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 "Remarkable" is how I describe the recent changes in my body, strength and energy thanks to my sessions with Tara. I am not an easy case: with severe scoliosis since childhood, I need constant attention and adjustments as I perform most of my exercises. I schedule both Pilates and GYROTONIC® with her. Tara 's attention to detail, her extremely high professionalism (she is always focused, committed and brings a positive attitude that can't, but positively affect your day) and most importantly her vast knowledge, puts her in a league of her own. 

-Iva Peterson (Campisano) VP, Sales (West) at Rhythm NewMedia

“I began Pilates with Tara three months before I fell pregnant at the age of 37...Throughout the pregnancy, I experienced no pain.  My core muscles were strong and balanced labor was 17 hours and when it came time my daughter came in five pushes…I used my core strength. The doctor was impressed and said so, while still in stirrups I smiled proudly and said ‘Pilates!!!’  Post pregnancy the ‘bounce back’ was for me within weeks. Tara is amazing at her craft and without her my first pregnancy and birth would have been vastly different.”

Anita McGraw, Chiropractor

“I have often suffered from back problems due to long hours sitting at my desk.  My Pilates and GYROTONIC® work with Tara have helped me to strengthen and support my back and improve my posture, and the problems have been greatly minimized as a result.  I have also enjoyed the increased strength and flexibility I have gained as a result.”

Boaz Yakin, Screenwriter

"Tara has been an amazing teacher and coach in Pilates.  I have never been a consistent athlete or regimented exerciser.  However, Tara's focused and calm coaching has inspired me to stick with these sessions which I've benefited both in mind and body.  After working several years with Tara, my body has become stronger and well balanced in totality...One of the great results of my sessions has been healing an injured knee that has been strengthened so that now I can enjoy rigorous activities, like skiing, that I could not have before the training."

 Ellen Picattagio, Partner at Farmer's Daughter Hotel

“…Through her devotion to the Pilates method and GYROTONIC®, Tara has been such an inspiration to me that I can honestly say I feel more fit now in my 60’s than I have in previous years.”

—Kathy Kern

“It doesn’t get any better than Tara when it comes to Pilates/GYROTONIC®.  She’s very much in tune with what your body needs and crafts her sessions accordingly.  Passionate, driven, relentless, positive… she will whip you into shape, and you’ll be asking for more.”

-Zachary Reiter, Writer

"Tara Russell is the definition of a perfect trainer. She has completely transformed my body over the past three years with Pilates and GYROTONIC®...I worked with Tara during my entire pregnancy, with my last session occurring two days before delivery. She completely prepared my body for natural labor. I can never express enough gratitude for her awareness and focus on prenatal exercise...She is truly amazing! My emotional and physical well being would not be the same with Tara Russell. She is definitely a treasure! 

--Joanna May

"Tara has completely changed the way I think about exercise. In just over a year, with Tara's guidance and insane attention to detail, I now have a body that is stronger, leaner, and with the kind of posture that I always wanted but never thought was possible. Tara makes every session count, and is passionate about helping her clients achieve their specific goals."

- Vanessa Sadler, Writer

"Tara has helped me to discover the massive benefits of Pilates and has since introduced me to GYROTONIC®.  She has pushed me to not only further develop strength and flexibility, but also mental focus and discipline that reaches far beyond the sessions.

Jason May, Executive Vice President Marketing, Rockstar Inc

 “Love, love, love this woman! She is a great Pilates/GYROTONIC® expert. Her training/teaching style is firm and motivational as well as patient and understanding. She will push you to your limits and have you thanking her for doing so.”

-Carolyn Mason, Grand Affair Events

“I had been doing private Pilates and GYROTONIC® for 2 years before I started working with Tara, and she took my training to an entirely new level as far as strength an specificity.”


“With Tara as expert eyes and guide, an hour of Pilates becomes the ultimate therapy for mind and body.  Tara gently and deftly pushes you and your body to new levels of connectedness and awareness.”

—Becca Simons, Teacher

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